Dinner Menu

Soups & Salads

Shaved Vegetables

Greek yogurt, cucumber, apple, melon, fennel, butter leaf


Gull Valley Farm Tomatoes

Burrata, basil fluid gel, fig balsamic crema, fried basil


Corn Veloute with Bacon Bits

Herb oil, crème fraiche, roasted corn


Chef’s Soup du Jour



Canadian East Coast Oysters

Oysters on the half shell, fresh grated horseradish, lemon, mignonette du jour

$ 3.50 each (minimum of 3)


Cured and dried meats, homemade terrines,
house-made condiments, marinated vegetables, domestic and imported cheese, artisan bread


Rangeland Farm Elk Tartare

Horseradish cream, cured yolk, truffle powder, potato chips

$ 19.00

Watermelon and Cashew Cheese

Cucumber tomatillo gazpacho, tomato, pistachio, hearts of palm

$ 16.00

Crab Meat and Baby Shrimp

Radish, apple, cucumber, yuzu juice, crispy spring roll paper

$ 17.00

Beef Striploin Tataki

Shaved red onion, baby greens, furikake, citrus soy, tobiko

$ 16.00


Fresh Daily Catch

Market price

Soy-Sake Marinated Sable

Braised radish, bok choy, snow peas, fingerling potato, yuzu beurre blanc.


Surf & Turf for Two

North Fork Bison striploin, seasonal vegetables, herb crusted bone marrow, scallops, shrimps, clams


Sungold Farms Lamb Sirloin

Peas, asparagus, pomme puree, eggplant, lamb demi-glace, mint lemon yogurt


Maple Butter Glazed Pork Duo

Gaspor farms porcelet, braised pork belly, Israeli couscous, fennel, green beans, baby pepper, pineapple corn salsa


Beretta Farms Beef Tenderloin

Black garlic aioli, maitake, kale, herb puree, rainbow carrot, agria potato pave, port wine truffle jus


Bocconcini Stuffed Chicken

Broccolini, carrots, potato gratin, baby pepper, cranberry mustard, demi-glace


Grilled Vegetable Roulade

Asparagus, artichoke, tomato, zucchini, lentils, red pepper, hummus


Ricotta Cheese and Vegetable Lasagna

Eggplant, zucchini, spinach, mushroom, tomato sauce